Conductor of Earth

A Prequel

Thomas Midena · Wednesday, November 30th

Conductor of Earth won't be available for a little while yet, but we've just released a short prequel story to tide you over!


An Exhale

Thomas Midena · Wednesday, August 31st

A couple of days ago we finished shooting Conductor of Earth. In all it was six big days of production, not including all the setting up and packing down beforehand and afterwards. We've had such a brilliant, strong film crew who lended tons of their time and energy into heaving this production through to success.

The shoot was, on the whole, more smooth and elegant than most film projects I have been involved in. There are so many moving parts in these productions that if only a few things go wrong, you've got to count it as an unparalleled win.


If You Don't Hear From Us By Sunrise...

Thomas Midena · Tuesday, August 16th

...don't panic, we're probably just busy shooting Conductor of Earth.

That's right, the shoot proper AKA principal photography AKA serious production on this short film begins next week! We'll be neck-deep in the hard work of transforming the written script into a visual experience until the end of August. So don't be alarmed if you experience some radio silence after this message - we'll be back in September with so much to share!


Full Steam Ahead

Thomas Midena · Tuesday, August 2nd

Yesterday our Pozible campaign finished, and it was a brilliant success! We officially have everything we need to shoot Conductor of Earth, and in just three weeks' time we'll be doing just that. Crazy to think that in just one month we'll be in post-production!

Obviously we're incredibly thankful to all of our many backers. We will certainly strive to make sure you feel it was worth believing in us!


Time Flies

Thomas Midena · Tuesday, July 26th

A month from now we'll be waist-deep into principal photography on Conductor of Earth. AKA we will be halfway through shooting. After that we move into a couple of months of post-production. After that we start getting the film shown in some impressive locales. After that we hop into our prototype flying cars and journey to Mars, because by then it is 2017 AKA The Future.


Halfway Out Of The Dark

Thomas Midena · Wednesday, July 20th

There's a bunch going on behind the scenes at the moment, but most prominent is our crowdfunding campaign – which has less than two weeks to go! We've been exceptionally chuffed with the contributions we've received so far. If you haven't yet, take a look at our Pozible crowdfunding page. And be sure to check out our pledge rewards there, which include many brilliant and wacky things, such as a copy of the film itself for just $15.