Conductor of Earth

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Conductor of Earth

An angel, Aidan, travels back in time to change the mind of a man who will commit a murder, but eventually realises he must instead employ the technique of storytelling to change the man's heart.


Thomas Midena

Like a kangaroo to a mosh pit, Thomas recently moved from Darwin to Melbourne to pursue his passion in filmmaking. Also enamored on writing, acting and podcasting, he likes to stick his fingers in all kinds of pies - strictly metaphorically. The way that Thomas bites off more than he can chew, however, is not strictly a metaphor, as in recent years he created deliberately stupidly challenging works such as the no-budget 40 minute "short" film, The Insanity Project.

Thomas didn't so much "cut his [filmmaking] teeth" by making dozens of quirky vlogs and short films in his [recent] youth, but rather used these as sugary toothpicks, wiling away at his teeth until nothing sat in his mouth but dismal husks of bone. Don't worry, when pressed for an answer Thomas admitted he is of fine health and should be quite capable of bringing Conductor of Earth to life. "Like Frankenstein's monster" he commented, before jumping out of a window and chasing a frill-necked lizard.

Carla Giurleo

Carla is no stranger to the weird, magical and wonderful which is shown in the types of films that she works on and how she acts in everyday life. Armed with coffee and brightly coloured pens, produced and edited, Flatline, a satire about a zombie applying for welfare. She then was production designer for award winning short film Wingfish, about a psychic fish, awkward dates and being a dork. In 2015, she travelled to Mumbai, India to direct and edit Highlight and Contour, a documentary based on the discrimination female makeup artist's face working in Bollywood.

She is thrilled to be working on Conductor of Earth, especially knowing that she has an amazing team with her. In the future, she looks forward to creating more fantasy films and re-watching the entire Harry Potter series.

Drew Collins
Director of Photography

Despite their fierce hatred for each other, Drew has collaborated on a variety of projects with Thomas, finding success in festivals and competitions around Australia with How To Be Funny and Things to do instead of smoking. In 2015 he shot the documentaries Tattoo and Two Wrinkled Hands as well as the short narrative, The Misdemeanours of Mr. Tommy Pipe.

With a growing background in cinematography and lighting as well as a total disregard for any kind of regular sleeping pattern and a heavy reliance on caffeine to get through the day, he's excited to bring Conductor of Earth to the screen.

Kate Lemke

This is Kate's first time taking on the role of editor in a short film, as well as working with Thomas Midena. But after directing multiple short films over her film school years, Kate is no stranger to the editing suite. With a great passion and energy for filmmaking she is excited for the creative challenge ahead. After directing such short films as the quirky comedy Bad News, Good News and then the short documentaries Dawn and Against the Tide, this unique take on the fantasy film genre is a refreshing change for her.

Kate is currently working as a production assistant at a corporate video production company, as well as at the Astor Theatre. Kate cannot wait to help bring Conductor of Earth from page to screen.

Tiana Lioulios
Production Designer

Tiana's background in art and design has heavily influenced her focus in the production design aspect of filmmaking.

Earlier in 2016 she worked as production designer on the dark comedy Tea For Two. She worked with the art department of web series Footballer Wants a Wife and additionally assisted on the pilot of ABC show International Student.

She is now eager to bring this magical film Conductor of Earth to life.