Conductor of Earth

Time Flies

Thomas Midena · Tuesday, July 26th

A month from now we'll be waist-deep into principal photography on Conductor of Earth. AKA we will be halfway through shooting. After that we move into a couple of months of post-production. After that we start getting the film shown in some impressive locales. After that we hop into our prototype flying cars and journey to Mars, because by then it is 2017 AKA The Future.

But alas, I am getting ahead of myself. At the moment all we need is support on our Pozible campaign, which has just one week left on the clock. Remember this is the best way for you to get a copy of the completed film, along with a bunch of very special extras, all the while helping to improve the finished product! Big or small, all contributions help a lot!

And finally, stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram where we'll very soon be putting up a new crowdfunding update video!

Write again soon.