Conductor of Earth

An Exhale

Thomas Midena · Wednesday, August 31st

A couple of days ago we finished shooting Conductor of Earth. In all it was six big days of production, not including all the setting up and packing down beforehand and afterwards. We've had such a brilliant, strong film crew who lent tons of their time and energy into heaving this production through to success.

The shoot was, on the whole, more smooth and elegant than most film projects I have been involved in. There are so many moving parts in these productions that if only a few things go wrong, you've got to count it as an unparalleled win.

But hey, you probably want to hear more about the product itself! The footage is looking fantastic. The camera and lighting teams have made sure that, at the very least, this will be a visually beautiful film. If you want to see some great stills from the shoot, make sure you check out our Instagram page.

It is now that we move quite immediately into post-production, which will last around 2 months. Now that we have all the content and materials we need, this era of the project will really be about re-building the film, and turning what we've got into the best it can possibly be.

Can't wait to share more with you soon!